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Our Mission

Thinking Divers is the brainchild of Randy Tay, our Technical Director. We are fully insured and sanctioned by the respective agencies to conduct and certify courses. We differ from other scuba instructions by keeping our classes small (3 maximum) to assure you get the best individual attention to keep our quality high.


We believe that we should teach the way we dive and dive the way we teach. We believe that every diver should be equiped with the bare sets of personal skills which include good buoyancy control, proper horizontal trim, gas management knowledge and proper non-silting propulsion techniques right from day one and we take the time to teach you all those, from the beginning. We believe that the underwater environment are much better respected when divers are equipped with these skills. In short, we are dedicated to teaching individuals or teams to become safe, skilful, competent and confident divers. We promised to deliver the highest level of scuba education to anyone bold enough to accept the Thinking Divers challenge.

It is a great feeling when people take pride in the training we offer, and want nothing but the best! From day one, our programs are designed to develop you as a diver, not just issue you with a certification card. When we do finally issue a certification, a sense of joy and rapture overwhelm us because we know how hard that person has worked to be their best at their current level!

We appreciate your trust in us to help you accomplish your goals regardless of your prior training, or none. All programs are personally taught, supervised and/or audited by our Technical Director, Randy Tay.

Thinking Divers 是我們技術總監 Randy Tay 所創。Randy 已經是不下於4家潛水機構的休閒潛水兼技術潛水的課程總監或教練訓練官。我們都有相應機構的充分保險和製裁以進行課程和認證。我們與其他水肺潛潛水俱樂部不同之處在於我們的班級保持較小(最多3個),以確保您獲得最佳的個人關注以保持我們的高品質。


我們認為,我們應該以潛水的方式進行教學,並以我們教學的方式進行潛水。我們認為,每位潛水員從一開始就應該具備一套必有的個人技能,包括良好的浮力控制,適當的水平縱傾,氣體管理知識和適當的不淤泥推進技術,我們會從一開始就用時間把這些技術教好。我們相信,潛水員具備了這些技能後,水下環境就會受到更好的尊重。簡而言之,我們致力於教會個人或團隊成為安全,熟練,和自信的潛水員。我們承諾將為任何敢於接受Thinking Divers挑戰的人提供最高水平的水肺教育。




感謝您對我們的信任,無論您有沒有接受過任何培訓,都可以幫助您實現目標。所有課程均由我們的技術總監 Randy Tay 親自授課,監督和/或審核。